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About Us

We have been manufacturing sensors of various types since

1968 under our previous company name of Radun Controls


Onyx South Wales  are the only remaining UK manufacturer

of braking sensors for the truck and trailer industry and

are proud to have been primary supplier to major axle and

braking system manufacturers.

Our Radun range of ABS sensor is the 'original' Haldex and

Meritor sensor and manufactured to the same high standard.

To compliment our sensors, we manufacture a complete range of standard and custom extension leads along with sensor retaining clips and grease packs and can offer in house brandng service

Our sensors are manuactured to exacting standards in an ISO 9001:2008 compliant factory where all but the

injection moulding processes are caried out in house, althouh our moulding partner is only a short distance away

thus keeping an eye on 'component miles'.

With modern manufacturing processes and a dedicated team, we remain extremely competitive with overseas manufacturers whilst also offering value added flexibility and fast delivery which even the Far Eastern manufacturers cannot compete with.

Onyx South Wales manufacture the Radun SP range of speed transducers designed for the power generation industry to measure turbine speed, contact us today to discuss your requirements. Full specification sheets and technical drawings are available on request.

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